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February 8, 2024

Driving safely in winter

Driving safely in winter

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but it also brings its share of challenges, especially when it comes to driving. Snowy and icy roads can be treacherous, making it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle. However, with some preparation and careful driving, you can stay safe on the roads this winter.

First and foremost, make sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving.

Complete a vehicle check

Check your tyres to ensure they have the right amount of tread and are properly inflated. Top up your washer fluid and think about keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle including a blanket, a torch, a small spade and some water.

Keep lights and windscreens clear

It sounds simple, but making sure you can see out of your vehicle is essential, but even more so if there is already reduced visibility. Fully clearing your windscreen and side windows of snow or ice before you drive off increases your peripheral vision, boosting your chances of spotting a hazard.

It’s the same for your headlights, which in extreme conditions can ice over when stationary. Before setting off on your journey, de-ice these along with your windscreen to maximise their brightness.

Turn off your interior lights

Did you know that bright lights inside your car prevent the driver’s eyes from adjusting to dark conditions outside? As well as ensuring your interior lights are off, make sure infotainment screen brightnesses are also dimmed. Most vehicles do this automatically when the headlights are turned on, but all can be adjusted via a settings menu.

Adapt your driving style

When driving in winter conditions, slow down and leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Use your brakes and accelerator gently to avoid skidding. If you do start to skid, steer into the skid and avoid slamming on your brakes.

It’s also important to be aware of changing road conditions and adjust your driving accordingly. Bridges and overpasses tend to freeze before other areas of the road, so slow down and use caution when driving on them. Watch out for black ice, which can be difficult to see and even more difficult to drive on.

Most importantly, stay safe

By taking these precautions and staying alert, you can ensure that you and your passengers stay safe on the roads this winter. Remember, it’s always better to arrive a few minutes late than not at all. Happy driving!


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