Electric Cars / Salary Sacrifice

Developing the EV mindset

All of a sudden, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are making the news and causing lots of discussion. There is clearly a groundswell towards mass EV adoption, but with so many drivers never having driven these vehicles, there is suddenly a new world with which to become familiar. Drivers will have many questions, and possibly a few concerns as they get to grips with a new type of vehicle. This paper explores the underlying reasons behind the sudden interest in Electric Vehicles and provides practical hints and advice on how to approach driving an EV – to understand how to get the best out of the technical innovations in the vehicles, but also how to adopt the correct mindset to EV driving. The paper will also explore some of the common myths around EVs, and explain how, with the right approach, these can be overcome.

Download the full document here and find out how you can be encouraging EV adoption in today’s world.

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