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Choosing between a Hybrid or Electric Car

Thanks to constant innovations in the automotive industry, the choice between an electric or hybrid car is a difficult one. The decision depends on individual needs and circumstances, but every driver will be able to get the EV or hybrid that best suits them through Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme that covers everything with one manageable monthly amount.

Daily commute:

Thanks to the improved range on most EVs available, ranges now mean that for those of us who use their car for their commute and for mainly urban driving, an EV can fit within your lifestyle. Especially for those who live in a town or city, where the EV infrastructure is far more common and going a full day without charging shouldn’t be an issue. If you frequently travel long distances or putting in a home charging station isn’t a viable option, a hybrid’s mix of an internal combustion engine with an electric motor provides the benefits of higher MPG without the range anxiety.

The average driver does 73 miles a week and the average EV now does 260 miles+ on a charge, so EVs will be suitable for most. But motorist should consider their usual weekly schedule and see what choice would better suit their personal needs.

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For those living or travelling in more rural locations without a good EV infrastructure, a hybrid could be the better option. For most drivers, finding a charging station will be easy. In fact, the UK now has more public charging points than petrol stations with most business parks, supermarkets, and shopping centres having rapid charging points.

If drivers need to top up or recharge on longer journey, a charging app like Zap-Map (a partner of Tusker and available to Tusker drivers) can help plan the route via available charging points, or show the locations of available chargers in the area so drivers are never caught out.

Ownership costs:

EVs are more cost-effective over the long-term, as without fuel costs, maintenance are comparatively cheaper too, as well as the added initial savings available thanks to the Benefit in Kind tax. Of course, with Tusker, your maintenance costs are included in your fixed monthly payments, meaning that whatever happens, you will never have an unexpected bill.

The driving experience:

EVs arguably offer a better driving experience, providing instant torque and smooth acceleration as well as a lower centre of gravity due to their battery placement which improves handling and stability. EVs also have more space, as the engine and driveshaft tunnel are no longer present, leaving more room for cargo and passengers.

If you want to know more about either an EV or a hybrid, and which one might suit you better, then why not give one of our independent experts a call for more details.

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