Electric Cars / Salary Sacrifice

Providing access to affordable electric cars as part of a sustainability strategy

Why is having a sustainability strategy important for organisations in 2024?

Well, aside from the responsibility that we all share for the future of our planet, sustainability matters for companies because it matters to their employees and customers. According to the latest research, what companies do to demonstrate that they are ethical, responsible, and sustainable, is as relevant as products they sell.

ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance policies are well established within many organisations, and an easy way to boost ESG credentials, while also increasing staff retention rates, is the introduction of a salary sacrifice electric car scheme to an organisation’s benefits programme.

Introducing an Electric Vehicle (EV) focused salary sacrifice car benefit scheme, offers employees access to environmentally friendly and highly affordable new cars, and comes with many sustainability advantages for employers and employees, and a host of other benefits too.

An EV scheme can offer affordable access to emission free vehicles, which means that as tailpipe emissions fall, so too will a company’s scope 1 and scope 3 emissions, as drivers move away from petrol and diesel cars for company business and commuting.

Uniquely to Tusker, the scheme also calculates the emissions for every salary sacrifice vehicle delivered and offsets the tailpipe emissions (for non-electric cars) and offsetting the charging requirements from the grid, for the electric vehicles against verified carbon offsetting schemes.

A key benefit of a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme

Unlike more traditional company car schemes, is that it’s not just higher earners that are able to enjoy new cars but in fact it’s an affordable option for basic rate taxpayers who are also able to make considerable savings. With salary sacrifice car benefit schemes, more employees can be rewarded and incentivised than ever before, and Tusker research showing that the majority of drivers on salary sacrifice schemes are coming from vehicles which are more than seven years old, every new EV or low emissions vehicle driver in this bracket tends to be giving up an older and more polluting car as a result.

If you‘d like to learn more about salary sacrifice car benefits scheme, get in touch with Tusker today to find out how we can help you and your drivers reach your sustainability goals.

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