A safe pair of hands for your business

Why do employee benefits matter?

It is well known that employers who offer great benefits have found it has a huge impact on attracting and retaining a business’s biggest asset – its talent. Its backed up by data too, as studies have shown that 69% of employees would choose one job over another to access better benefits, and 75% of employees would stay in a job because of a favourable benefits package.

Ensuring that the benefits you offer your employees work well for both them and for your business is a key consideration for any employer, so striking the balance between a happy and fulfilled workforce and limiting your company’s costs and exposure to unforeseen expenses can be crucial.

Luckily, as the first to market with salary sacrifice car benefits, Tusker is well established with more than a decade of experience in providing salary sacrifice cars. Tusker is multi-award-winning for its full-service proposition.

Tusker’s car benefits scheme not only offers affordable new car benefits for your employees but is also set up to ensure that as an employer, you can trust that with Tusker, you are in safe hands. Every aspect of salary sacrifice is about caring for the employee from an employer’s perspective – making it the perfect benefit for all levels of taxpayer, as well as the ultimate recruitment and retention benefit.


Better benefits benefit businesses

For employers, the Tusker advantages begin even before the first car has been ordered. Tusker provides a full implementation package at no cost, which means that all aspects of the benefits package introduction are taken care of from the outset. Messaging, internal communications and scheme promotion to your workforce is all included.

Tusker is proud to offer fully independent customer advisory service for customers when it comes to choosing vehicles. A team of expert advisors are on hand to ensure that every car chosen is suitable for the drivers needs. Working out whether a petrol, diesel, hybrid or an EV would be most appropriate can seem like a minefield. With Tusker however, you can be sure of good advice, every time.

If an employee chooses to take an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) via the salary sacrifice scheme, the employer makes a saving on National Insurance, paying only a class 1a NI contribution on ULEVs as company cars.

For cases where a ULEV is not appropriate, (and Tusker will always advise a driver to pick the most appropriate vehicle for their needs) thanks to Salary Sacrifice, the employer can still achieve a saving on NI on many of the vehicles offered by Tusker. Even in a worst-case scenario, a vehicle will be cost-neutral to an employer.


Caring for the environment, caring for your employees

Thanks to Tusker’s commitment to the environment, all emissions generated by non-ULEV vehicles are offset by Tusker, free of charge. This not only benefits the environment, but also works towards helping uphold the corporate and social responsibilities of any employer. Better still, your duty of care to employees is also helped by the scheme, as employees will only be driving up-to-date and fully maintained vehicles. As an added bonus, there are of course potential savings to be made on fuel rates for business mileage, too.


Never be stuck with a bad deal on unused wheels

Things change fast in business and life, and Tusker knows that no one wants to be stuck paying for a car that isn’t being used, so with Tusker, you don’t have to be. Thanks to Tusker’s early termination protection policy, both parties are protected if the employment ends early. Provided the initial short exclusion period has passed, Tusker’s protection removes potential costs for resignation, redundancy, maternity and illness – neither party is stuck in a long contract or forced to pay get-out fees for an early termination. Even personal injury cover is included, so in the case of an employee being unable to work through injury, neither they, nor you will be left out of pocket.


Driving employees to better deals in droves

With Tusker, drivers enjoying a salary sacrifice vehicle get the full benefit of a “just add fuel” package. This means maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover, annual car tax, fully comprehensive insurance with full business cover, an annual driver licence check, replacement tyres and even accident management services are included.

With all of this in one monthly amount, employees have complete peace of mind from the outset over monthly motoring costs. They enjoy a brand-new car delivered to their door with no deposit, no credit checks, and no depreciation costs.

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