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2020’s most exciting electric cars

Electric vehicle registrations increased by 195% year-on-year in March indicating that 2020 will be the tipping point predicted for electric cars. Find out which makes and models are available in 2020 with our roundup of the exciting electric cars you could drive this year.

City cars coming to a road near you

Honda E

Recognisably a Honda, the Honda E exterior manages to combine cute with sporty while the interior includes a futuristic full-dash infotainment screen. It’s highly practical for the majority of drivers with 155 miles in the battery. And, with the enormous salary sacrifice savings available on electric cars, it’s also likely to be highly affordable.

Seat Mii

A neat little car that offers electric motoring at an affordable monthly amount, making it a challenger to the popular Renault Zoe. If you’re a petrol Mii fan and you want to replace old with new, you’ll have to go electric as the petrol version is no longer in production. With 162 miles range and rapid charge available, this car will be a viable fossil fuel alternative for most drivers.

Hatchbacks and family cars hot off the line

MINI Electric

Built on an adapted version of the BMW i3’s powertrain, the MINI Electric is set to become one of 2020’s hottest hatchbacks. Range is expected to be around 120-140 miles based on real-world testing and it’s tipped to have seriously sharp handling making it great to drive. Take this car through a salary sacrifice arrangement or company car scheme and you’ll benefit from a 0% BIK rate during the 2020-2021 tax year.

Tesla Y – 220 miles

Thought a Tesla was out of reach? Maybe not with the new Y model. A compact SUV, it provides plenty of space, and with the option to add a third row of seats, it could become the go-to car for larger families. Your monthly amount will vary depending on the range of the model you choose, however, even with all its bells and whistles, the Model 3 is classed as Tesla’s entry-level and therefore most affordable car. Take this car out via salary sacrifice and you’ll save significant amounts each month, making a Tesla very feasible.

Kia e-Soul

This SUV-shaped hatchback provides a unique body style and, with 279 miles of range under the bonnet, it offers a highly practical EV option. Boasting updated design and new technology – including a more powerful drive that beats the popular e-Niro – the E-Soul could be a great option for those seeking a sporty crossover look with plenty of power. Valued around the middle of the EV market, the Kia e-Soul – like all the other EVs in this article – attracts a 0%, 1% and 2% BIK rate for the 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 tax years.

Skoda Vision e

A brand built on value for money, the Skoda Vision-e doesn’t disappoint offering over 300 miles of range for a very competitive monthly amount. As you might expect, the interior design is paired back and simple allowing plenty of storage and, as with Skoda’s fossil-fueled cars, the underlying motor is based on VW technology.

The surge in SUVs continues

Audi Q4 e-Tron and Audi e-Tron Sportback Quattro

Audi adds to its e-Tron collection with two, new electric versions of the Tron body style in 2020. Based on the firm’s first all-electric model, the e-Tron Sportback provides a punchy drive with 240 miles of range. The mid-sized Q4 model offers less sporty styling but does include a four-wheel drive powertrain plus 280 miles of range. The major difference between these two cars is value – with the e-Tron £40,000 cheaper than the Sportback. However, both will save you money on your fuel and tax bills.

BMW ix3

Another example of an all-electric version of an existing model, BMW’s ix3 looks like its petrol or diesel relations. But under the bonnet, it’s all change with two electric motors and a battery offering 249 miles of range. Due to go on sale in the second half of the year, the ix3 is tipped to be as successful as its predecessor the X3.

What’s coming in 2021?

A sneaky peek at 2021 reveals the new Fiat 500 with upmarket trims and 211 miles of range available. Even with its new, futuristic, electric styling, it’s still recognisably a Fiat 500 giving drivers familiarity with a more modern twist. Also due to come to market is Nissan’s upmarket premium brand, Infiniti. Expect sleek, futuristic, Tesla-esque design when the first car is revealed.

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