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June 24, 2020
What happens after my employer has approved my order?
Once your employer has approved your order, we’ll place it with the manufacturer who will give us an estimated production date. You
What's the process for ordering a car?
You’ll be provided with log in details to our driver site where you’ll be able to prepare quotes for your next car.
Is a deposit required for a salary sacrifice car?
No, we don’t require a deposit. The first amount is deducted from the driver’s salary from the month delivery is made. This
What happens at the end of the salary sacrifice car agreement?
There are three options; order a new car which will be delivered as the current one is collected, return the vehicle, or
What isn’t included in the scheme?
Our car scheme is designed to offer you a complete motoring package, however it doesn’t include fuel, payment of fines, engine oil,
What is included with a salary sacrifice car?
Fully comprehensive insurance, annual road fund licence (road tax), replacement tyres, routine servicing and maintenance, MOTs, full RAC breakdown cover and lifestyle
Who is the vehicle agreement between?
The Salary Sacrifice Scheme is between the Employer and the Employee and the vehicle contract is between the Employer and the leasing
What is a salary sacrifice car?
Salary Sacrifice is where employees can sacrifice a fixed amount of their salary each month in exchange for a brand new car.