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An inclusive motoring package with Tusker

Tusker have been providing salary sacrifice car benefit schemes to UK organisations in both the public and private sector since 2009. We have the expertise to understand an organisation’s needs and create a car benefit solution that is suitable for them today as well as the future. Our salary sacrifice car scheme is also one of the most affordable ways for employees to drive a brand new fully insured and maintained car for a fixed monthly amount taken from their salary.

Introduce a salary sacrifice scheme to your organisation so you can drive electric for a fixed monthly amount.

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What’s included in the car scheme?

Committed to Carbon Reduction

Reducing the impact on the local environment is really important to us. That’s why encouraging employees to drive newer, greener cars can have a positive impact on making an organisation more sustainable.

since 2013, Tusker has taken measures to offset the tailpipe emissions of all salary sacrifice cars on our schemes against Verified Carbon Standard offsetting projects. This initiative also includes offsetting the charging requirements from the grid, for the electric vehicles. As a reward for our efforts, we have won the Green Apple Environmental Award for Environmental Best Practice for the last few years.

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