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It's effectively a long term rental where you pay a fixed monthly amount over an agreed period and select the appropriate mileage for your lifestyle.
You'll need to pass a credit check to secure your agreement and then you can run your personal lease car with complete peace of mind as well as save money on your motoring costs.

What's included in the monthly cost

A brand new car
Standard delivery
Maintenance and servicing
Replacement tyres
Vehicle tax
UK and European breakdown cover
Please be aware you will not own the vehicle

Key Facts

Fixed monthly payments
Following an initial upfront payment, your monthly rental is
Initial upfront payment
You choose how much. The more you put down the lower the monthly cost.
You can simply hand the car back
No hassle. At the end of the contract simply return the car (providing it's in good condition).
Great manufacturer discounts
Tusker secure great deals with all manufacturers so you don't have to haggle.


  • How do the payments work?

    There are two payments you’ll see on a quote; an initial payment and an ongoing monthly payment. The initial payment lets you secure the car and you can choose to increase this. The more you pay upfront the less you’ll pay each month. The ongoing payment is the monthly cost for the remainder of the lease period which is taken via direct debit. As it’s fixed, it helps you plan your monthly finances better.

  • Are there any restrictions?
    As with all rental agreements, there are some restrictions and services that aren’t included:

    • You’ll need to arrange your own fully comprehensive motor insurance
    • You won’t be able to modify the car in any way without permission from Tusker
    • If you exceed the agreed mileage, you would have to pay an excess mileage charge at the end of the agreement
    • You must return your car in good repair and condition (taking into account ‘fair wear and tear’). Tusker work to BVRLA guidelines and will provide you with a copy of their guidelines upon delivery
    • If you plan on taking your car abroad, there’s a legal requirement to prove ownership of the car and so you’ll need to arrange a VE103 form from Tusker for which there’ll be a small admin charge
    • You’ll be responsible for any fines or penalty notices
    • Please refer to your Driver Guide document for further details
  • What happens at the end of the lease?

    When it’s time for your car to be returned to us, we’ll contact you to discuss your options and then arrange for your car to be collected from your chosen address. If you exceed the agreed mileage, you would have to pay an excess mileage charge at the end of the agreement. You must return your car in good repair and condition (taking into account ‘fair wear and tear’). Tusker work to BVRLA guidelines and will provide you with a copy of their guidelines upon delivery.

    If you’ve decided to take another car from Tusker, we can deliver your new personal lease car at the same time - old keys for new keys. Easy!

  • What’s the difference between personal car leasing and personal contract hire?

    Nothing! This is just a difference in terminology used between car leasing and contract hire companies but the two car personal leasing packages basically offer long term rental of a new car.

  • What do I do if I am unhappy?
    At Tusker we’re committed to providing a service that makes employees happy. We recognise that sometimes things do go wrong and when they do, we want to hear from you. Our complaints process can be found here.

    We are an Appointed Representative of Product Partnerships Limited for consumer credit activities and you can contact them directly if you prefer to discuss your complaint. Their contact details can be found in our complaints information document which you can access here.
  • What happens when my car needs a service?

    You are responsible for booking your car in to be serviced or for any required maintenance work. You can do this by calling the Driverline on 0333 400 3696.

    • It’s Tusker’s policy to use local independent garages within a preferred network for service
    • All warranty concerns and repairs will be booked with main dealers
    • Due to our agreed network terms and conditions, you are unable to specify or request to use another garage
    • Any form of work that is needed on your car must be booked by Tusker via their approved network. If you do not follow this process, you may be liable for the full cost
    • Depending on your location, Tusker may be able to arrange for your car to be collected and delivered back to you, please allow a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for this service
    • Most garages offer courtesy cars and Tusker recommend that you give a minimum of 15 days’ notice to ensure availability. Tusker are not always able to guarantee the availability of a courtesy car because it depends on the garage’s capacity.

    Certain types of repairs will not be covered by your agreement;

    For example:

    • Stone chips
    • Fluid top-ups
    • Missing trim and items
    • Locking your keys inside the car
    • Mis-fuelling
    • Running out of fuel
    • Driver error/misuse
    • Glass repairs or replacement (this may be covered by your insurance provider)
    • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s)
    • Recovery of stranded or abandoned vehicle due to adverse weather or environmental conditions

    If repairs are needed due to these incidents, the costs to repair will need to be settled by you. Any damage must be repaired by a Tusker recognised garage or service provider. Sub-standard repairs will need to be rectified, and paid for by you.

  • What am I responsible for to maintain my vehicle?

    Tusker strongly recommend that you carry out regular safety checks on your car. If issues do occur which are due to driver negligence, error or misuse, then any repairs due may be charged to you.

    Regular checks should include:

    • Tyres for inflation levels, visible damage & tread depth
    • All lights are in full working order
    • Water levels - check and top up washer bottle levels
    • Oil & fluid levels -check and top up engine oil, Adblue and coolant as detailed in the manufacturer’s handbook (mechanical failures resulting from non-maintained or low fluid levels will not be covered under the vehicle maintenance contract)
    • Registration plate cleanliness & visibility

    Please note all Tusker cars are ‘no smoking’. The no smoking sign on your windscreen should be visible at all times.

    Defect Rectification Notices

    If your car is identified by the Police as having a defect, e.g., one of its indicators is broken, you may be issued with a vehicle defect rectification notice by the Police. This means that you’ll have to provide proof at a Police Station that the fault has been fixed.

    In this circumstance, please call 0333 400 3696 as soon as possible to book your car into one of Tusker’s approved garages and ask the garage to provide a copy of the invoice for your records. Remember that damaged items are not covered by the maintenance contract.

  • What do I do if I need replacement tyres?
    • Kwik Fit are Tusker’s approved partner for replacement tyres which are included in the scheme.
    • Tyres can be replaced at 2mm of tread or less.
    • The current legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm.
    • Tyres cannot be changed at a garage or any supplier other than Kwik Fit. Therefore, it’s important to regularly check your tyres as replacements will not be carried out when the car is serviced or MOT’d. When returning the car to Tusker at the end of the contract all tyres must be road legal.

    To have your tyres replaced, please call 0333 400 3696 and select the tyre option.

    Tyre emergencies

    • If you require a spare wheel to be fitted due to a puncture, call 0333 400 3696 and select the breakdown/roadside assistance option.
    • If your car is fitted with run flats, you may be able to carry on your journey for a limited distance at lower speeds.
    • It’s important to be aware that manufacturers are increasingly replacing spare wheels with repair sprays - please refer to the manufacturer’s handbook or contact Tusker on the Driverline 0333 400 3696 for further information.
    • If you use an inflation kit and need a replacement tyre, Tusker will replace this free of charge.
  • What happens if I receive a parking charge or fine?

    Fines and Parking Charge Notices

    As Tusker is the owner and registered keeper of the car, they always receive the first notification of any fines or charges. As soon as they have this they’ll complete the relevant form with your contact details, including your home address and send it back to the relevant authority, who in turn will send you the details of the offence. Tusker will charge an administration fee of £10+VAT and payment will be taken by credit or debit card.

    If your car is issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (to your vehicle) you are responsible for paying this charge directly. If you fail to pay within the initial timeframe, Tusker will receive a notification as registered keeper of the car. Once this is received Tusker will then make representation to have the notice issued to you directly; this means you will have the opportunity to challenge the notice with the issuing authority.

    Should you at any point require a letter of authority from Tusker to explain that the car is owned by Tusker but is your responsibility as part of a personal contract hire agreement, please let Tusker know and they would be happy to arrange this for you. Tusker will charge an administration fee of £10+VAT.

    Congestion Fines

    As the driver of the car, you are within your rights to contest any fines but you must contact the authority directly. Please note, many authorities have a very tight deadline for contesting a fine, therefore you will need to act quickly.

    If you are contesting a ticket (given to you directly), please email the details immediately to fleetadmin@tuskerdirect.com

    Should any representation be rejected Tusker will contact you directly.

  • What happens if I breakdown?

    Breakdown Cover

    European breakdown cover assures you of assistance if you get into difficulties whilst motoring in the UK or Europe. Your breakdown cover includes:

    • Roadside Assistance
    • Recovery
    • Home Start (assistance if the breakdown is at home or work and not just whilst you are on the road)

    If you need roadside assistance call the Driverline on 0333 400 3696.

    A breakdown agent will be dispatched and it might be necessary for the car to be recovered to a repairer. Please be aware that depending on call volumes and your specific breakdown situation, the recovery time may vary on average between 1 and 3 hours. An onward travel vehicle can be made available to you free of charge for up to 48 hours however this will not be a like for like car. You will need to request this facility. You will also be required to present a credit card for a deposit to cover fuel, damage and any cost arising from usage.

    If the replacement car is required for longer than 48 hours, please contact us directly to discuss your options.

  • What happens if I am involved in an accident?

    In the event of an accident where possible, you should do the following:

    • Record the involved parties’ names and addresses, and their insurer’s names and addresses
    • Record the names and addresses of any witnesses to the incident

    To anyone with reasonable grounds for requiring the information, you should give the following:

    • Your own name and address
    • Registration number of the car
    • Your insurer’s name, address and your policy number
    • Make a note of the make, model and registration number of all cars involved in the accident

    Call the Police to the scene if:

    • You or anyone else has been injured.
    • Damaged vehicles constitute a road hazard.
    • Traffic signs, road markings, etc. have been damaged.

    Once all necessary details have been exchanged, please call your insurance provider and Tusker as soon as possible to report the accident.

    Do not attempt to drive your car if there is any doubt about its roadworthiness or safety.

Call us: 0333 400 3696

If you would like help placing an order or you are an existing driver.


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Tuskerdirect Limited trading as Tusker is an appointed representative of Product Partnerships Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 626349) for consumer credit activities. Tuskerdirect Limited acts as a credit broker not a lender and only introduces to Close Brothers Limited (FRN 124750). If you would like to know how complaints are handled for this scheme, please click here. You can also find information about referring a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at financial-ombudsman.org.uk.


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