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Tusker car benefits schemes aiding long term sustainability goals for large corporations

In the last six months, major financial services, energy, and infrastructure groups have engaged Tusker to provide a car benefits scheme to bolster long term sustainability and ESG objectives. Over 300 companies have launched a Tusker scheme so far in 2022, many of whom have been motivated by a desire to reduce their carbon footprint.

Already popular with a variety of businesses for numerous reasons including staff retention and attraction, motivation, offering a sought after benefit and more, the increased sustainability offered by Tusker’s schemes have proved popular with many more companies in 2022. Tusker, as market leaders in the UK not only offer the scheme with the associated ESG benefits but also the ease of on boarding, where multiple teams are involved in a scheme’s set-up.

With decades of experience behind Tusker, it is able to work directly with procurement teams alongside the HR teams, finance teams and ultimately the senior management within bigger corporations to ensure a smooth uptake of their hugely popular benefit.

Tusker provides clear process maps and uses its experience in working across multiple teams to ensure that the launch of a Tusker benefits scheme is a streamlined process. Tusker handles most of the administration and ensures that workflows are always managed efficiently.

Better still, on top of the administrative benefits, for corporations looking to extend car benefits packages to as many employees as possible, thanks to the innovative way in which Tusker’s salary sacrifice car scheme is structured, it is possible to include any eligible employees, across both tax bands.

With traditional company car schemes, it can be difficult to restrict emissions across a policy, especially if employees take a car-for-car option. With a Tusker scheme, it is possible to restrict a policy to hybrid and electric vehicles only, although, thanks to the tax advantages offered by the low Benefit in Kind rates on hybrid and electric vehicles, most drivers opt for such vehicles anyhow.

Not only does this dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the company car fleet, but it also brings financial advantages for employees on the scheme, who are able to save money on income tax via the low BiK rates.

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker comments, “We have seen a big rise in the number of companies for whom reducing their carbon output has become more of a priority and in offering the car benefit scheme, it not only supports their employees, but also helps achieve this objective. More people are able to drive an electric vehicle on our car scheme than if they were to organise a car independently thanks to the low benefit in kind tax the scheme attracts. It also helps employers retain staff, too, which is topical at the moment.”

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