Salary Sacrifice

Implementing a car benefit scheme in the cost of living crisis.

The cost of living crisis and the high inflation in the UK at the moment, is putting a new focus on benefits which employers are offering to their staff as a means of supplementing salaries. Many employers offer a range of benefits which can help make employee’s salaries go a bit further.

While a brand new car can often be seen as a luxury, with the price of second-hand cars at an all-time high, and personal leasing options often having a large deposit required upfront, often choosing a salary sacrifice car can be a cost-effective option for drivers. The savings available and the guarantees offered by having this as a company benefit, often add peace of mind for the driver as well, reassuring them during turbulent times.

While many are facing rising living costs, Tusker’s drivers are using its salary sacrifice car benefit schemes to access new and environmentally friendly vehicles at affordable prices. With Tusker, drivers saving an average of £290 a month in Income Tax and National Insurance in 2022, while benefiting from a fixed monthly amount, the car benefit scheme ensures savings on electric cars are guaranteed and unexpected expenses are all-but eliminated.

There are hundreds of cars to choose from on the Tusker scheme, with something to suit almost every budget – from the smallest city cars, those with the latest in EV technology, to premium SUVs. Whichever car is right for your employees, a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme offers a complete package with insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover and replacement tyres included. All the driver has to worry about is the electricity. Take a look at our most popular cars:

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