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How to Maximise EV Range

We all love to get the most for our money, be that in the supermarket or when charging our cars. Many new EVs are capable of covering most journeys without the need to charge, but there are a few simple things you can do in order to maximise EV range.

Eco Mode

Many new vehicles feature selectable drive modes that can increase responsiveness in ‘Sport Mode’ or extend an EV’s range in ‘ECO Mode.’ Eco will typically soften the responsiveness of the throttle in order to more gently accelerate the car and save energy. This setting will also typically limit functions that draw the most power from the car, such as air conditioning.

Dial down the air conditioning

Air conditioning can be a godsend on a roasting day, but it is, of course, a draw of energy from the car’s battery. In order to extend the range you could turn its ferocity down a few notches, enough to still keep you cool, but so that you minimise the impact on your driving range. You’d be surprised how many miles you can gain by making this small change.

Some cars feature a ‘Mono Mode’ that will air condition just the driver’s segment of the cabin. Considering how many journeys are made with just one occupant, you can save a huge amount of energy by cooling the person in the car as opposed to the whole space.

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Battery Preconditioning

Most electric cars will allow you to schedule preconditioning for your battery. This function gets the cells to their optimum operating temperature, making charging faster, but also allowing the battery to take on a maximum charge. With the battery operating at an ideal temperature, there’s also a potential range gain to be taken advantage of.


One of the biggest factors in the range of an electric car is driver behaviour. Anticipation is key to efficiency as accelerating only to come to a fast stop at a set of traffic lights is a waste of energy. Try to look further down the road and allow the car to coast to a stop where possible, preserving momentum and ultimately saving range. Likewise, for setting off from a standstill, ease the vehicle into motion as opposed to using maximum performance to launch from the line – it’s not a Grand Prix!


We’re not suggesting that you give up doughnuts, just that you take a look in the boot of your EV. Carrying excess weight will reduce an EV’s range, and while things such as a charging cable is essential, there might be some weighty clutter that isn’t. Picnic hampers, tool boxes and all of life’s miscellanea could be costing you a few miles.


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