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Drive electric, there’s never been a better time

This clean air day, Tusker are highlighting that there has never been a better time to drive a new Electric Vehicle. There are now even more incentives to drive the lowest emitting vehicles, including:

  • Cheapest way to drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) is via Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme – the average driver could save £320 per month on income tax, Benefit in Kind and National Insurance.
  • Biggest range of electric vehicles available
  • Additional Clean Air Zones due across the UK in the next year, including London’s expansion to cover the North and South Circular roads, Leeds, Bath and Birmingham

There are more electric vehicles available than ever before, and the number of these are increasing – rapidly. With Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax now at 0% on pure electric cars until April 2021, rising by just 1% each year after until 2023, EVs are perfect for those wanting to take a car via salary sacrifice.

Offering considerable savings to drivers, as well as being congestion charge and Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliant (so no daily charges apply for those travelling into London and other major cities in the future), there are mounting reasons why ULEVs are becoming more popular with drivers.

This is due to the changes in Benefit in Kind rates, which have dropped by 14% to just 2%, with zero-emission models now tax-free until April 2021, only rising 1% each year until 2023. A huge difference for cars emitting up to 50g/km CO2 that can also travel more than 130 miles on electricity only. Cars emitting under 75g/km CO2 will see their BIK rates reduce to 17%, replicating the same tax breaks that were available years ago.

It’s attractive for employers too, as tax and NI savings can be made on ULEVs, so there are savings of over half a million pounds* available for some employers.

With over 100 models available on the Car Benefit Scheme, ranging from the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Model X (including the new I-PACE), there are more cars than ever before available, featuring the very latest in car technology. From electric only models to Plug-in Hybrids for those who still need a conventional engine, there is something to suit everyone.
The new models available have resolved previous concerns over battery life and range, almost eradicating these issues, with new generations of batteries making average ranges over 200 miles, and charging times reduced to just minutes.

With ULEZ due to be launched in more cities across the UK in 2020 and 2021 and the tax savings soon to be available, can you afford not to go green?

*public sector scheme with over 200 vehicles, of which 50% are ULEVs, over a 3 year period, savings total £554,520

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