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Benefits of an electric car

Embracing the benefits of an electric car.

Drivers everywhere have embraced the electric revolution which has been taking place over the last few years, and thanks to Tusker, getting behind the wheel of the future of driving has never been easier, or more affordable. For those who have already made the leap, the benefits of an electric are clear, but for anyone who has yet to make the electric dream a reality, there are some key differences between Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and EVs.

Charging vs filling up

This is perhaps the biggest worry that people report when considering an electric car for the first time – how to charge it?

Thankfully, charging an EV could not be easier, and with a small change of mindset around charging versus filling up, finding somewhere to charge will soon become second nature.

Firstly, our research of thousands of drivers has shown that the average UK driver does around 70 miles of driving a week, and since the average new EV has a range of more than 260 miles on a full charge, you will need to recharge it less than you imagine.

Think of an EV a bit like a mobile phone where you charge opportunistically while you’re not using it. Topping up the battery at home overnight, at a destination, or services on long trips is your alternative to running a fuel tank down to empty.

If you are one of the 60% of UK residents that has off-street parking, then installing a home charger means that you can leave your car on charge overnight, to start your day with a full battery.

If you don’t have access to your own driveway or parking space, fear not, as the UK now has more public charging points than petrol stations, so finding one couldn’t be easier. Most business parks, supermarkets, shopping centres and gyms now have rapid charging points, so you can leave your car on charge while doing your weekly shop, get a work-out or just go to work.

If you need to top up or recharge on longer journey, a charging app like Zap-Map (a partner of Tusker and available to Tusker drivers) can help you plan your route via available charging points, or show you the locations of available chargers in your area.

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EV’s are cheaper to run than Petrol or Diesel Cars 

As the cost of living has gone up, EV drivers with Tusker can relax, knowing that they are saving money while helping the environment.

Research has shown that not only are EVs cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars – with the cost of recharging your car saving you money compared to refuelling, but there are also no unexpected bills with a Tusker car.

Autotrader recently published research which showed that even with fuel process coming down and electricity prices having risen, EVs still cost £87 a month less to run than their ICE equivalents.

You will also save money on your income and national insurance, while enjoying a brand-new car. For more details on the financial benefits of EV motoring, read the full article.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes and the Lost of Living Crisis

Enjoy the sound of silence

The moment you get behind the wheel of an EV, you can appreciate the silence afforded by its electric motors. With no engine under the bonnet, EVs are always both quiet and smooth. Drivers report that this silence makes them very relaxing to drive, whether in town or on the motorway and that the lack of noise makes a noticeable difference to their enjoyment of driving.

If you want to experience the joys of hassle free, affordable and silent driving, then why not have a look at the huge range of cars available on Tusker’s website and enjoy the benefits of an electric car today.

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