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7 things to give you the confidence to switch to an EV

Making the switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV) doesn’t have to be daunting. Myths surrounding complex charging systems and range anxiety have been debunked over the past few years as more and more people discover the benefits (environmental, social and financial) of making the switch.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the savings available by driving an EV, Tusker may be able to help. As the leading car benefit provider in the UK, we have experts on hand to help you make the right decision for you and your lifestyle.

EV suitability specialists Diode are working with Tusker to help make the transition to EVs even easier for employees and businesses.

By completing a short survey, you will instantly receive a personalised EV Readiness Report to give you all the information you need for an easy switch to an EV and the confidence to make the right decision.

And that’s not all – your employer will get a charging infrastructure recommendation so they can see how many chargepoints they’ll need to install across all their locations.

Your personalised EV Readiness Report from the Diode Charge Platform gives you detailed information on:


1. Access to charging

Understand where you’d be able to charge your vehicle if you were to make the switch to an EV; whether you could charge at home or work and where your nearest public chargers are.


2. Driving behaviour

Receive a breakdown of your average daily mileage and the percentage of time your car spends parked – which is time an EV could be charging.


3. How an EV would fit into your lifestyle

Use the widget to see what driving and charging an EV with different ranges and rapid charging speeds would look like for you and your driving behaviour.


4. Tax Benefits

Explore the tax savings you can make through switching to an electric salary sacrifice vehicle.


5. CO2 Savings

See how much CO2 you could save on a green and regular electricity tariff by switching to an EV.


6. Compare EVs

Use the vehicle comparator to see how regularly you’d need to charge and the electricity running costs of all EV models on the market.


7. Order a home charger

Take the next step in going electric by purchasing a homecharger directly from the Charge Platform.


See our webpage for more information and get your business started with the Diode Charge Platform or ask your employer if you haven’t been invited to complete your EV Readiness Assessment.

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