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6 ways to save even more with an electric car

14 March 2020

Just when you thought electric cars couldn’t be any cheaper to run, local councils introduce a wide range of savings - like free parking - specifically for Electric...

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Alternative fuel vehicles at record high

10 January 2020

Alternative fuel vehicles reached a massive milestone as they comprised 10% of new car registrations in 2019. This represents a continuation of the long-term trend...

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New Year – New Car? The Benefits of Going Electric

23 December 2019

Should you go electric? We spell out the benefits, the facts and the myths.The benefits of electric cars are threefold. First, they’re cheaper to run. Second, they’re...

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Where to charge your Electric Vehicle with no home charge point

16 December 2019

Want to drive an electric car but have no driveway and no charge point? If you rent your home, or you live in a flat or terraced house with no off-street parking space...

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2019 Review: Kia Niro vs Hyundai Ioniq

9 December 2019

The Kia Niro and the Hyundai Ioniq have developed a reputation as two of 2019’s stand-out cars. Both have a lot going for them. But which would work best for you? We...

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Upcoming electric cars in 2020

2 December 2019

A new year brings exciting new cars to the forecourt. If you’re in the market for a fresh set of wheels, or you like to keep up to date with the latest vehicles, this...

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6 tips on Electric Car Winter Care

25 November 2019

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, your electric car will be impacted by cold and warm weather. Like people, these batteries prefer a stable temperature range. So, when...

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New homes to have electric vehicle charging points by law

5 November 2019

Government plans will soon make it a legal requirement for new homes to be built with charging points for electric vehicles (EVs). Around 80% of EV charging is...

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Hybrid vs Electric - Choosing the right car for you

22 October 2019

If you’re leaning towards an electric or hybrid car - and you’re confident about the major differences between these options - it’s time to get into the nitty gritty....

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Clio, C3 & Corsa: 2019 hatchback comparison

8 October 2019

If you think hatchbacks are the goldilocks of cars - that they hit the sweet spot rather than being middle of the road - this article is for you. We compare three...

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