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Plug in, charge and drive. It’s really that simple to charge an electric car.

25 September 2021

Although the thought of charging an electric car can appear more confusing than refuelling your petrol or diesel car – it’s actually very simple. With a little forward...

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Understanding BiK in 2021

22 September 2021

Tax can indeed be taxing – so we have put together a handy guide aimed at taking the mystery out of how the Government work out the taxable benefit of your new...

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Your complete guide to low emission zones

12 September 2021

What are they and will they affect you? Back in 2008, the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was introduced, more than a decade before the government pledged to ‘be the...

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Tusker celebrates World EV day with news it has become a net positive contributor to the environment after 11 years of carbon neutrality

9 September 2021

Average fleet emissions reduce from 107.9km in 2019 to 70.2g/km in 2021 Average emissions of Tusker new car order bank is just 37.3g/km Salary sacrifice provider...

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Travelling 949 Miles in an Electric Car: How much could it really cost to charge?

25 August 2021

Like many families, our Communications Manager Katie and her family, decided to stay in the UK this year and see a bit of the west country rather than heading off...

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Tusker’s Top Ten Tips to enjoy your EV this summer

13 August 2021

With the thermometer set to rise again for the second half of August, many UK families are pushing their summer escapes back to get the last of the summer sun and take...

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10 Summer Driving Tips for your 2021 Staycation

29 July 2021

With many families choosing to go on UK holidays this summer rather than travelling abroad, Tusker, your Car Benefit Scheme provider have put together some summer...

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Semiconductor shortage in the automotive industry

24 June 2021

Motor manufacturers around the globe are currently experiencing a shortage of semiconductor microchips which are essential for many of the high tech features in new...

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Ready, steady, drive an electric vehicle this summer!

22 June 2021

Whilst uncertainty continues as to when restrictions will fully lift, one thing is certain, none of us are likely to be jetting off abroad for the summer holidays this...

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The future of electric cars

16 June 2021

Rewind a decade. Back in 2011, after several false starts, the electric car industry was beginning to make progress. Although Ford still ruled the roost with the...

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