Tusker's guide to maintaining your Tusker car

15 March 2019

At Tusker, we like to make car ownership as convenient as possible. And that includes taking those necessary maintenance jobs off your hands, as we explain.

How Tusker’s tyre maintenance keeps you safe with minimal hassle

Defective, illegal and under inflated tyres are the second highest cause of road traffic accidents in the UK, just behind faulty brakes. Keeping your tyres well maintained is obviously important, but what exactly should you be checking for?

In our Tusker guide to tyre maintenance video we recommend checking for:

  • Wear and tear
  • Damage
  • Air pressure

Keeping your tyres in tip-top condition saves lives, and ensuring the right pressurisation - which can be found in your manual - also saves fuel and delivers optimum vehicle performance.

Any issues with your tyres will be picked up as part of your usual service. However, if you spot any problems yourself, you can call Tusker’s tyre management service on 0333 400 2020 or go online to book your replacement tyres.

All you need to know is your:

1. Vehicle make and model details
2. Tyre size - you can find this information on the side of your tyres

Then it’s a simple choice between pre-booking your tyre replacement via an approved fast fit centre or booking our mobile replacement service to call at your work or home address.

We guarantee to replace any tyres with a 2mm tread depth under our fair wear and tear policy. And, with all our tyres fitted by qualified mechanics, you can rest assured you’re road safe and driving efficiently.

Wave goodbye to glass replacement chores

Unless you’ve got super-quick reflexes, it’s virtually impossible to avoid a flying stone. A bad crack can make your vehicle unroadworthy so you might need to get your glass repaired or replaced fast.

With Tusker’s glass replacement service, it’s easy to fix chips or replace entire windows. Just have your vehicle make and model details to hand then give our dedicated team a quick call or book in online with one of our approved glass centres.

Too busy to wait at a garage? Our approved mobile glass replacement service comes to your place of work or home address. No more sitting around waiting for the garage to call or drinking bad coffee in their waiting room.

Instead, you’ll enjoy reduced booking lead times and you’ll be back on the road with minimal delay and fuss. Plus, you can be assured that our approved, qualified technicians will fit the right glass ensuring that all your car safety systems are working correctly.

As with most insurance policies, if an entire windscreen refit is needed, you may be required to pay an excess. Our helpful glass replacement team will advise you if there’s anything to pay or not.

Cash-free servicing and maintenance

When it’s time for your car to be serviced, the process really couldn’t be any easier. Simply call or log onto our website and provide some dates and times that work for you and we’ll arrange to have your vehicle collected from your home or place of work.

Thanks to our all-inclusive package, there’s no need to worry about finding extra cash to pay for servicing, repairs or maintenance. No matter how big or small the job, your car will be kept in excellent shape, all covered by your monthly payments.

Each Tusker car is delivered with a tax disc holder with the Driverline number on the back so you can always get in touch with our driver support. It’s the same number for servicing, breakdowns, tyre and glass replacement and you can also use it to speak to a member of our customer service team.

Car maintenance isn’t one of life’s most exciting jobs but with Tusker’s designed-for-you service, it’s quick and easy to keep on top of these essential jobs.

If this article has jogged your memory about an important maintenance task, log in to your account, or get in touch with one of our team on 0333 400 2020.

Call us: 0333 400 2020

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