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    The Simplicity of ULEV's

    8 August 2017

    Here at Tusker, we are champions of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs), and do a lot to dispel the myths surrounding the car range, which seem to focus on non-existent complexities.


    Advances in technologies and reductions in price over the past few years have meant that ULEVs have been transformed from a niche, expensive and lower-performing car range, to one which rivals traditional cars on the roads.


    Last week, Volvo announced that they will become the first major car manufacturer to go all-electric in 2019. This follows the news that France aim to be entirely carbon neutral by 2040, that Norway are now buying more electric cars than diesel, and that Germany aim to remove reliance on the combustion engine by 2030.


    With ULEVs now providing the biggest benefits for car benefit schemes, and with more low emission vehicles hitting the UK every month, we expect the demand for ULEVs to increase significantly.


    Our range of ULEVs available on the Car Benefit Scheme now includes over 175 cars from 16 manufacturers including BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, and of course Volvo, up from just 141 models last year. More ULEVs are being added all the time such as Tesla’s new, affordable, all-electric Model 3 which launched this week.


    There are four types of ULEVs currently available in the UK, all emitting less than 75g/Km CO2: Electric Vehicle – those powered by an electric motor and need recharging. Hybrid – uses a petrol or diesel engine, with an electric motor, with the combustion engine charging the electric motor; this type of car does not need to be plugged in to be charged. Plug in Hybrid – mostly uses an electric motor, but has a petrol or diesel engine as required. These need recharging. Range Extender – use a rechargeable electric motor and an auxiliary motor which extends the distance which can be travelled on a single charge.


    As ULEVs attract different tax treatments to other cars on our Car Benefit Scheme, they can provide considerable savings for drivers and employers. Based on the most popular ULEV, the Mitsubishi Outlander, employers could expect to see a saving of £350 a year, with employees saving around £1000.


    Further savings are available to drivers as fuel, road tax and parking charges are reduced. And what’s more, these cars are also exempt from congestion charge and low emission zones.


    What are some of the myths surrounding ULEVs?

    Myth 1: ULEVs are challenging to drive - One of the most common myths we hear from drivers, is that these cars must be a challenge to drive or drive differently to petrol or diesel cars. There are in fact, no differences at all. There are no buttons to press or switches to engage to use the cars, they are exactly the same as a fuel-based car, only more environmentally-friendly.

    Myth 2: ULEVs are expensive – Tusker offer a range from the Toyota Yaris to the Tesla S, so there’s something for every budget.

    Myth 3: The batteries don’t allow to you to travel very far – a full charge for an electric vehicle is well over 100 miles and for a hybrid, over 800 miles.

    Myth 4: Charging points are few and far between – there are now over 13,000 charging points at 4555 locations in the UK, with this number growing all the time – 260 were added in July 2017 alone.

    Myth 5: Charging takes ages – charging to 80% can take as little as 30 minutes.

    Myth 6: Electric vehicles are slow and boring – with brands including BMW and Tesla, there are now a wide range of fast, sporty cars available, which are anything other than boring.

    Myth 7: There’s not a lot of models to choose from – Tusker offer over 175 cars from 16 manufacturers and are adding to the range all the time.


    Paul Gilshan, CEO, comments, “With the huge range of ULEVs available through the scheme, and with more cars being added all the time, there is definitely a car suitable for every lifestyle and budget.”


    To see our full range of ULEVs, as well as the hundreds of other cars available, simply log in or create your account.


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