Ready, steady, drive an electric vehicle this summer!

22 June 2021

Whilst uncertainty continues as to when restrictions will fully lift, one thing is certain, none of us are likely to be jetting off abroad for the summer holidays this year. With just over a month until schools finish for the summer break, a surge in UK holiday bookings confirms that most of us are choosing to relax on a staycation.

There’s a lot to be said for staying on home soil. From world-class beaches to picturesque villages, the UK is blessed with stunning scenery, history and culture. Hotspots like Cornwall and the Lake District may be booking up fast but there are still plenty of hidden gems to discover.

Whether you’re planning a family holiday or a romantic getaway for two, there’s something magical about throwing your luggage in the boot and starting the engine for a summer adventure.

For those who have gone, or are considering going, electric, the staycation is even better news. With an average range of 180 miles, electric cars can go a fair distance on a single charge. Now the UK boasts over 30,000 electric vehicle charging stations, you’re usually closer to one than a petrol station. And, with substantial savings to be made over the cost of a petrol engine car, switching to electric could mean more holiday spend.

Let’s explore a couple of staycation scenarios to put this to the test.

First of all, we’ve got the Gilbert family who live in Yorkshire. Two kids, lots of luggage, including paddle boards for the beach. Their destination is Northumberland with miles of beaches and lots of space for the kids to run around.

With a travel distance of about 140 miles, the Gilberts would still have plenty of charge left if they took the 375 mile range Tesla Model S Long Range. The lower budget Nissan Leaf e+ would still make the journey on a single charge with a range of 239 miles. And once in Northumberland, there’s plenty of charge points ... even on Lindisfarne which is accessible only at low tide.

Secondly, a city staycation for newly retired Chris and Julie. With the kids having flown the nest, they want to swap rural Kent for the bright lights of London for a weekend getaway. Whilst many people would never dream of taking a car to London, it makes a lot of sense when you’re driving an electric vehicle. There’s no congestion charge to pay so normal restrictions don’t apply and needless to say, you are never far from a charge point. The Kia e-Niro is zippy enough for urban driving, with plenty of boot space for those impulse purchases.

What about the cost?

Talk to your employer about a car salary sacrifice scheme whereby you exchange some of your pre-tax salary for the benefit of a car instead. Not only can you get a new car but there is no deposit to pay and all the main running costs including road tax, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance are included in the price.

Best of all, since April 2021, cars producing no CO2 emissions benefit from a 1% Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) tax rate, rising just 1% each year until 2023. This could save you hundreds of pounds a month. Calculate your BIK percentage band by using this table or use this car tax calculator tool.

Right now, the Government is incentivising people to switch to electric ahead of the 2030 cut-off date for the manufacture of new petrol cars. From the Plug-in Car Grant to discounts off home charge point installation, these incentives won’t continue forever. It’s time to flick the switch to electric.

From zipping around our historic towns to enjoying the freedom of the open road, staycations promise adventure and relaxation. The kids may ask ‘are we nearly there yet?’ but your electric car certainly won’t.

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