Maintaining your car

16 April 2020

We understand that you might not be using your car as much as you usually would right now so we have put together a short guide on how to keep your car healthy during this time.


When leaving your vehicle for extended periods, always ensure that all doors and tailgate are closed fully, interior lights are switched off and the car is locked with the remote transmitter. This will not only ensure the vehicle security but also minimise drain on the battery.

Try to avoid running the petrol or diesel engine for short periods only and switching off while still cold. Whenever the engine is started, it is preferable to keep it running until full temperature is achieved however do not leave the vehicle unattended during this time and make sure all unnecessary electrical items (heated seats, lights, heated screen etc.) are turned off as these will draw more current form the battery.

If suitable battery charging equipment is available, charge the 12v battery at regular intervals (recommended every two weeks). Alternatively use an intelligent charger which can be connected permanently and will periodically monitor/maintain battery condition. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for further guidance, paying particular attention to how and where to connect charger leads.

For Electric & Plug-in Hybrid vehicles it is recommended that the high voltage battery is left in a fully charged state.


After a vehicle has been parked for several days, some surface corrosion of the brake discs will occur naturally. This may result in initial brake resistance and/or a knock noise when first pulling away as the brake pads release from the disc. There may also be an unusual noise when braking which will improve after a few brake applications. These items are not cause for concern and will disappear with use.


Inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure, as they will lose pressure over time. If tyre pressures are not checked and left for a long period of time, the pressure can drop which can lead to flat spots and your tyres losing their shape.

If you think you may be leaving your car idle for a number of months, rolling it (very carefully) every so often can ensure the tyres won’t be unevenly worn.

You can normally find tyre pressure settings on the inside of one of the doors, inside of the fuel flap or the owner’s manual but to make sure the pressures match the tyre size fitted to the car as some cars have several options.

Car Cleaning

Cleaning your car before storing or when using it less frequently will not only help keep it looking its best, but could prevent damage  in the future. Waxing your car can stop tree sap, bird droppings and harsh weather leaving its mark on your paintwork, but make sure you give the car a thorough clean before applying a coat.

Paying attention to your tyres will ensure brake shavings, mud and grease are removed which can help to prevent corrosion later on.

Cleaning the inside of your car is also the only way to make sure crumbs, other pieces of food and mud don’t decay or dry into the upholstery. If your interior is left particularly dirty, it may attract insects and vermin, leading to further damage from these unwanted tenants.

Engine liquids

You should check fluid levels to keep your engine well maintained so your car ready to drive when you need it. Tusker recommends you monitor these areas regularly:

Engine Oil – Manufacturers warn that some cars can get through as much as a litre of oil every 1,000 miles, so it's a good idea to check the level regularly but make sure you use the right type of oil. Do not wait for the red oil pressure warning light to come on as this could cause damage to the engine. Please note that oil top ups are not covered under your agreement.

Screen_wash – By law, your screen_wash system must work. Keep it regularly topped up with a good screen_wash additive that prevents it from freezing and clears oily grime. When topping up your screen_wash take note of the mixture ratios as too much either way could cause issues in the future. Please note that screen_wash top ups are not covered under your agreement.

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