6 Electric car myths busted!

10 April 2021

Tusker’s recent survey showed there were still a number of misconceptions around electric vehicles and wanted to set the record straight to help everyone understand the benefits of driving an EV and taking full advantage of the savings available.


Myth #1 “Electric cars are too expensive”

In our survey, 25% of people thought that an electric car was only for the rich. Although electric cars do have a high list price, they become a really affordable option if you have a salary sacrifice car scheme available to you through your employer. Taking an electric car through a salary sacrifice car scheme means that you make both income tax and National Insurance savings (as the monthly amount is taken from gross salary). The scheme does mean that Benefit in Kind tax (company car tax) is due but this is only 1% for electric cars from the next tax year rising by 1% thereafter.

At Tusker, we have a great range of electric cars that are under £300 net per month (inclusive of insurance, routine maintenance, replacement tyres, breakdown cover). Even the sportier and prestigious brands are more affordable than ever before.


Myth #2 “I can’t go far in an electric car before I need to charge it”

Without wanting to sound like we’re in a pantomime, “Oh, yes, you can!” On average the respondents in our survey thought the average electric car goes 125 miles before it needs to be charged. However, the average quoted range for an electric car is actually between 200 and 300 miles, so the majority of people don’t need a range of more than this with their regular weekly journeys. For those that do, we should be taking a break after driving long distances anyway, so pull up at a service station and plug in to a rapid charger, have a coffee, and within half an hour your car could be 80% charged.


Myth #3 “Charging an electric car takes such a long time”

Not always! Depending on where you charge it could take as little as half an hour. There are 3 main types of electric car charging points – rapid, fast and slow. Rapid chargers are the quickest way to charge (100kW) and are usually found at motorway service stations or close to main routes. These are the points that can usually charge your car to 80% in as little as 20-30 minutes depending on your car model. Fast chargers are usually rated at either 7kW or 22Kw. The 7kW charger can fully recharge an electric car within 4-6 hours and the 22kW within 1-2 hours. Typically, most home chargepoints that are installed are fast charge 7kW points. Finally, there are the slow charging points that have a power rating of 3.6kW. Charging times will vary but typically will be 6-12 hours which is usually done overnight. 


Myth #4 “There aren’t any charging points are local to me”

Almost two-thirds of people (62%) said they wouldn’t choose an electric car because they’re worried about the availability of charging points. However, the number of available public charging points is constantly increasing and there are currently more than 30,000. In fact, there are already more charging points than fuel stations in the UK. Plus, the Government has invested heavily in electric vehicle infrastructure. There are a number of maps and apps on the internet (such as zap-map.com) which show where charging points are located in the UK and across Europe. Simply search by your postcode and all the charging points close to you will show on the map. Some maps will also show whether the points are in use or out of order allowing you to plan ahead for your journey.

There are some areas in the UK that have fewer charging points but if you’re able to have your own home chargepoint installed, this would probably be sufficient to keep your car charged for when you need to take a drive.


Myth #5 “There’s very little choice”

This may have been the case 18 months ago but new electric car models are coming out regularly. Now most manufacturers have an electric car model available and they now come in all different size from supermini, to hatchback, saloon to SUV. There really is an electric car out there for all lifestyles!


Myth #6 “I can’t charge at home”

Many of our respondents didn’t know whether they could charge a car at their home. In fact, around 80% of all car charging takes place at home. If you have off street parking, chances are high that you can get an electric chargepoint installed at your home. You may also be able to qualify for a Government grant that pays for 75 percent of the price and installation cost of a home chargepoint, up to a maximum of £350. Currently you can apply for a grant for each electric car you own, although this is limited to two vehicles.


*Exact net monthly amounts will vary by employer and employee demographic information.


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