10 Summer Driving Tips for your 2021 Staycation

29 July 2021

With many families choosing to go on UK holidays this summer rather than travelling abroad, Tusker, your Car Benefit Scheme provider have put together some summer driving tips to make sure your car is as ready for a holiday as you are!

1. Check the condition of your car - If your car hasn’t been used very much during lockdown, please give it a full check yourself. Check your tyres are fully inflated, your screen wash and coolant is topped, you’re up to date with your service history and there are no warning lights coming on in the car.

2. Plan ahead & take breaks – As the motorway signs say: “tiredness kills, take a break”. It’s worth planning your journey in advance to ensure you take plenty of pit-stops along the way. Also remember to check the traffic before you set off and identify the best routes to use. If you have a sat nav that gives you traffic reports, even better!

3. Keep checking your tyres – if we experience some more hot weather, it’s worth checking tyres. As the day heats up, so does the road and the air in tyres. It’s worth just checking them regularly to make sure they’re not over pressurised.

4. Make sure you’re topped up - Whether it’s dust or dead insects, your windscreen can get very dirty on a long summer drive. Keeping your screen wash topped up isn’t just a legal requirement, it can help keep you safe by ensuring good visibility

5. Be prepared - Keep an emergency kit in your car in case you have a breakdown. This should include a water bottle, warning triangle as well as a reflective emergency jacket and it’s also worth including a blanket that can be used for shade

6. Cover up - The uncovered buckles on a child’s car seat can get hot enough to cause second degree burns to young children. When not in use, cover the seat with a blanket to stop the buckles heating up.

7. Be aware of the glare – sun glare causes many accidents on the road, particularly under clear skies at dawn or dusk. Always keep a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses handy and always use your sun visors. Keeping the windscreen clean to remove smears will also help to ensure you can see clearly.

8. Stay hydrated and refreshed - In warmer weather, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated, so make sure you’ve always got cold water in the car. If you don’t have a cool bag or box, you could freeze 1 water bottle per person the night before you set off on your trip so everyone has a full bottle of cool water to drink throughout the journey. Also make sure you have treats and snacks on board (that can’t be melted by the sun!) for those longer journeys!

9. Consider the entertainment – before you hit to road check you’ve got a music playlist for the journey. Or for those with kids, have you downloaded activities or programmes on a fully charged tablet? A top tip from one Tusker employee is to listen to a kids audiobook on the journey to keep them entertained.

10. Driving electric? Check for points – If you’re going away with an electric car, it’s really important you plan your journey in advance and know where all your charging points are going to be as well as having back ups just in case you come across a point already being used or out of service. There are plenty of planners you can use for this around (your car may even do it for you!) www.zap-map.com/live/ is one of them where you can plot your route and view the ChargePoint’s on the way.

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